an I pay via different payment method? Paypal, Alibaba,Wechat, Credit card, Bank Transfer?

For orders of 100+ units we can arrange alternate payment, this will take at least 3 months due to KYC and due diligence procedures, for small orders we make no exception and cannot offer any other payment method

What is your phone number?

We do not accept phone calls due to high demand experienced, the amount of staff needed would mean we cannot sell miners at the prices offered. For large established clients this differs.

Where do you ship from?

We have 3 miner facilities in the USA and 1 facility in Europe. Your order will be shipped from the closest facility to your shipping address. 

What payment method do you accept?

We accept bitcoin, we can take any other cryptocurrency, just send an email to support as your order will need to be manually processed. 

How fast do you ship after order?

We aim to ship within 48 hours of order. In rare cases it takes up to 5 days. We keep customers updated on status of order

Can you change the customs value of miner products?

If you are in the USA or Europe you will not pay customs taxes. For orders from outside these areas, we can help you pay less taxes by putting a custom amount on invoice. Please add to order notes if this is needed.

What courier do you use?

For USA deliveries we use FEDEX or UPS. For all other deliveries we use DHL. All orders are express with tracking.